Isolate command runs very slow

i’m using the newer version of rhinoceros 8 and the command isolate takes 3 times longer to run with the same file and object than it does in rhino 7. I don’t know why.

Mac or pc? Can you share the file?

Yes same here isolate on/off takes several seconds each way on brand new M3Max.

I am having the same issue on windows, but I have Lands Design installed.

If I turn Lands off then it works fast, OR if I leave Lands on and manually Invert and then Hide then it is also very fast. (I just type “Inv” hit spacebar (enter) and then Ctrl-H, so it is a fast process)
So something is going in with Isolate that causes Lands to slow down the process.

What Isolate does that makes it so different from Hide and why this is affected by Lands is beyond my understanding.

But could there be some plugins (tools) in the mac version that causes the same behaviour?
And if @Migel could test the Invert Hide workaround to see if this is fast on his system then that would be cool to know too.

Please look into it.

Slow (11.0 MB)

Hi @Holo excuse me for the late reply. I could not reproduce this issue with the Isolate command. It works pretty fast with any of these two objects in your model, and I have Lands Design installed and running.

Which Lands Design version do you have? Make sure you have the latest update of version 5 (5.8) Update - RhinoLands, or the new one (Lands Design 6: Download Lands Design for Rhino evaluation - RhinoLands)

Thanks, I’ll test it out.

Have you not added IFC4 support yet? Architects (in Norway at least) are using this as default now, but I could not find any news on this on your site. It is a hassle to ask them to convert to an older format for us every time they upload a new version.

Edit: Just tested on 5.8 which is what I had installed, and nope, no slow responce here now. I wonder if this happens after working for a long time… I have wondered why I don’t get these issues consistently, so I’ll keep on keeping an eye on it.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for providing a file that did cause issues when I sent it, but not now :slight_smile: Cheers!

@Holo - Isolate is better in V8. Have you tested?

– Dale

We are working on that for VisualARQ 3. It will out in a few weeks.

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