Isocurve Density - Add to Curvature Graph panel?

It’s handy that increasing Isocurve Density can increase the number of curvature combs to see what is happening a cross a surface.

Personally, I think it would be good to have the isocurve density property shown in the Curvature Graph menu. That way you don’t have to amend the isocurve density just for the CG command, and then reset them after. Generally it seems like a suitable place for such an option to exist, rather than tucked away in properties (mostly I only see it used as an option for display purposes to hide the isocurves and clean up the display).

I would expect it not as a sticky option, and it would set the density to a single number (say 2 or 3) for the objects that have been added to the analysis. Not sticky, so as to not create mayhem in the case you run CG with many dense surfaces.

Hi Jonathan -
We have that feature request on our list as RH-36185 - I’ve added your vote.

Thanks Wim. I know it’s adding an extra option to a clean piece of the UI, but it seems like a useful place for it in my opinion.