Setting the isocurve density


I usually like to have the isocurve density on all my objects set to 0 and would like to have the setting added to Rhino options (see screen shot from the Windows version). Now I have to manually set them to “0” for every newly created surface. Any chance of adding this - soon? I really miss this feature every day… @marlin, @dan


(Rodrigo Bárcena) #2

Philip, maybe I’m being slow here…

Have you tried editing the display mode?


Hi Rodri

That’s not quite the same thing :slight_smile: I want to keep the isocurves ON, but like to have the density set to 0, which means that I have isocurves only at knot locations - no extra isocrvs in the middle of single span surfaces.


(Dan Belcher) #4

Looks like this matches this issue (MR-2381). I’ve bumped this item to the 5.3 list. I don’t know if this constitutes “soon,” but we will take another look as we triage our lists for the next Release Target.


Ok, thanks!


(Dan Belcher) #6

The ability to set isocurve density in Preferences > General will be available in the next RhinoWIP for testing. (We plan to publish the next RhinoWIP shortly after the New Year).


Great! Thank you :smile:


(Dan Belcher) #8

Please check out the latest RhinoWIP. This should be working there.