Setting the isocurve density

I usually like to have the isocurve density on all my objects set to 0 and would like to have the setting added to Rhino options (see screen shot from the Windows version). Now I have to manually set them to “0” for every newly created surface. Any chance of adding this - soon? I really miss this feature every day… @marlin, @dan


Philip, maybe I’m being slow here…

Have you tried editing the display mode?

Hi Rodri

That’s not quite the same thing :slight_smile: I want to keep the isocurves ON, but like to have the density set to 0, which means that I have isocurves only at knot locations - no extra isocrvs in the middle of single span surfaces.


Looks like this matches this issue (MR-2381). I’ve bumped this item to the 5.3 list. I don’t know if this constitutes “soon,” but we will take another look as we triage our lists for the next Release Target.

Ok, thanks!


The ability to set isocurve density in Preferences > General will be available in the next RhinoWIP for testing. (We plan to publish the next RhinoWIP shortly after the New Year).

Great! Thank you :smile:


Please check out the latest RhinoWIP. This should be working there.

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