Isn't One Zero Redundant in Data Trees Paths? `{0}` it's OK, why `{0,0}`?

I am learning of Data Trees in GH and I am confused on why the simplest list of item is reffered to with a path of {0,0} when it could easily just be with a path of {0}.

For instance if I do a Series [1,2,3] and I visualise the path with Param Viewer I will see

{0,0} N = 3

and what I get is a list of digits [1,2,3].

If I now Shift Paths (-1) I will see

{0} N = 3

and what I get is still a list of digits [1,2,3].

So why not make the default initial tree always {0} rather than {0,0} ?
Same result, less confusing.

This is GH’s internal soup. You can use Simplify Tree of Suirify to remove those useless zeros. You’ll get used to it, at some point your brain will automatically hide those.

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I see, no problem, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a point.

I see simplify works on complex trees, but if I apply it to the simple series example, it still leaves the path as {0,0}.
Strange, but not a big deal. Thanks!

Here is a good video that explains your question very good.

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This reading may also help: The Why and How of Data Trees - Grasshopper