Is there any way to type the tracking distance

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i mean just type the tracking distance to finalise the location of the point.

Check those two links for background info.

your workflow looks like this:
_rectangle pick first point
_from pick the point (blue in your screenshot) / you want to use as reference
now enter relative coordinates
(relative from the “from”-point, x = 2.0, y = 0, z=0)

How you will input something like that. this is actually calculated by rhino so we should have some access to use it. maybe there is a way people knows. actually this thing works in autocad so i am assuming rhino will definitely have it.

my guess - your expecting to much from smartracks.
but there might be some hidden feature I do not know (@pascal ?)

the _rectangle command has priority wenn entering numbers so the number will be interpreted as width / height of the retangle

you have to draw one additional line as construction - its lenght will be “this distance”.

if you really insist on a sophisticated solution to not add geometry to the document you can set a temporary cplane…

Hello- distance constraint is the thing but in V7, it does not work in this context, if I understand you, in V8, yes. That is, just type the distance you want + Enter.


actually what i want is a faster way of doing things, i know we can first draw temperoray lines and then do our work but if the software can do it then it will saves our time repeatedly. i have seen such thing in other similar cad program so thinking of that in rhino as well. but anyway it is the choice of community and software developers.

but if you type a number it will be the width of the rectangle ?
does a constraint have to be active and then the constraint has more priority over the width ?

(need to update mac os x for wip 8 to run again… sorry)

Hi Tom - maybe this helps -

Is that what is needed?


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Yes somewhat, actually i knew that but this is limited for starting point of rectangle. what i am asking about is the universal way of typing that onscreen distance using ( # - _ ) or whatever symbol, like 10 or #10 so it override the command input. this will also helpful to create length constraint on the fly.

The distance constaint is generally available in any command that is looking for a point. In V8, but not V7, this works in the angled box /smart tracking example you posted above.


okay i got your point. now it is time to prepare for v8.