Is there any VSR tool for Rhino 6?


  1. I added Autodesk Shape Modeling into Rhino 5 but what about Rhino 6?
  2. Is VSR tool the only way to build complex G2 continuous surfaces? Why cannot Rhino’s native tools do that?

1, Nope. Surrender all hope of that ever happening.
2, Yes, It’ll just take longer to do with Rhino’s commands. Some are on par if not better than ones in VSR.

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Rhino’s biggest growth potential in is Architecture. That said, there’s plenty of people quietly using Rhino to do amazing surface models.


If you have enough time and patience, depending on the budget allocated for 3D work, you can make complex G2 continuous models in Rhino. Otherwise, you could try Alias, SolidWorks or Catia and see if they fit in your studio’s workflow.

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…what ever happened to the xnurbs? or something plugin…
I should search the forum.
Third party was trying to make a plugin
Waiting for updated info… Hope they don’t miss thier chance to sell their product.

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What is the video that this screen cap is taken from?

HTH, Jakob

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