Is there a way to us the deap library in grasshopper's python node

is there a way i can use the deap library inside grasshopper’s python node
i want to run a genetic algorithm but the fitness function is to be calculated by grasshopper (only the fitness function, all the other things are to be taken of by deap inside the python node)
can it be done?

i am having problem with

  1. importing the deap library in grasshopper’s python interface(i think i will be able to solve it by copying the files manually from python path)

2.(major problem) grashopper doesnt allow closed loops so i cant seem to find a way to feed the fitness back into the python node with the main code

In c# private values/objects outside “private void RunScript” are always “stored”; you can delete them by overwriting them, explicit deleting/clearing them, or by right-click>delete caches in the c# component.

I’m a newbie python user… (almost never used).
But here is a small example of using “Sticky Values”, see the attachment animation in reply by Anders Holden Deleuran:

Maybe you could loop you “looping values” making them “sticky objects” but using an updated fitness variables for each iteration.