Is the subsurface UV mapping problem being addressed?

For years I’ve been praying that Rhino developers address the issue of subsurface UV mapping.
I think this is such a basic functionality and it’s kind of ridiculous that this HUGE problem is not even being addressed.
There’s no way to control each surface mapping on a solid? Unwrapping the render mesh doesn’t seam a viable solution.
Can someone explain what’s going on?
Does it have anything to do with the fact that each mesh vertex can only have 1 UV coordinate?
Why is it so difficult to fix it? Is it some kind of legacy code no one knows how it works? Did you cut relations with the guys that know how to fix this??
Sorry for the sarcasm but, although I love Rhino, in this issue I think you deserve it.

I’d be interested to hear what the intentions in Rhino is here - or indeed the best workarounds possible.

Hello - you can explode the render mesh (ExtractRenderMesh), Join the bits that you want to map together.


Don’t give Pascal an easy way out!! I’m trying to do some shaming here!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this is a difficult question but the fact is that Rhino is not some “Kids Game” (funny to use it literally), it’s a working tool and it doesn’t make sense that something this basic and useful is lacking. It’s not fancy new future. It’s just basic stuff.

I just can’t understand why McNeel doesn’t fix this.
That IS the OP question by the way…

Please McNeell invest the resources to fix this ridiculous flaw.

Is the lack of development (and lack of response) due to the fact that nobody’s willing to mess with the kernel c++ code?
I love the new display modes (thanks to mainly to openGL) and this subD stuff seams a lot like Creating smooth meshes from pipes, like TSpipe had in Tsplines? - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum
Is future development only going to happen on top of the same old kernel?
Can we expect to have this working tool improved or just painted over??
The new QuadRemesh is cool but isn’t that available has open source here QuadriFlow?

Is there a way to exclude certain objects from clipping plane action - Rhino Developer - McNeel Forum

Guess this one’s in c++ also…