C++ programming development plug-in encountered some problems need help!

Dear friends,I’m having trouble developing a plugin in c++. I’m here for help!

We have encountered some problems when developing plug-ins with c++ programming and need your help! Here’s the question. I’ve defined a new object, TestObject(with a circle and a point inside), which inherits from CRhinoObject. How to add the contents of TestObject::Pick() and TestObject::SnapTo() to the new object?
Can you give a demonstration? Thank you !

Hi @xkdsofa,

Custom objects must inherit from an existing class that is derived from CRhinoObject. For example, this SDK sample inherits a custom object class from CRhinoPointObject:


Any custom data used by your custom Rhino object should be serialzed by attached user data to the base geometry object.

– Dale

Thank you for your busy reply!