Is there a shortcut for "move to origin"

@Miles: Thanks a lot!

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@Mitch: it works fine, thanks!

I’m using Rhino 6. I don’t know how to use the script editor. I tried pasting this syntax but it fails. What is the proper procedure to enter this syntax to create a working script for this function?

Hello - use the RunScript command, is the basic way to make these work.


This works great and is really close to what I need, is there an easy way to edit this to move the bottom left corner of a group to the origin? Moving in Z isn’t necessary but if it were to also go to 0 that isn’t going to hurt any. Thanks!

You can try the following on for size… (3.0 KB)

Note this has an option - you can move the objects individually or as a group. Group is default, uses the collective bounding box. Individually means that each object moves independently. You can change the option at the command line if objects are not preselected.

Works like a charm! Thanks a ton!

OK, cool, I forgot to mention the other option which is to move either to world 0 or current CPlane 0. In that sense I misnamed the script.

Sorry to bump this topic, @Helvetosaur the script to move objects from their bounding box center to the origin pops up a syntax errors for me in Rhino 6. Do you happen to have a downloadable script for this as well?

The one above in post #3 from 2015? It should work. What is the error you are getting?

Hello - use RunPythonScript or EditPythonScript for this one - it is a Python, not a RhinoScript.


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It works fine :zipper_mouth_face:

Oh my, i have been searching so long for this. You have literally save myself and interns like 1 week of adjusting some buildings mesh we inherited from city planners that comes without the terrain.

Good job!!! and this is definitely going into my work process.

Thank you for this!

How can I alter this script to use the bounding box center instead of LLC?
This is exactly what I need, except for the bounding box point.
(I know i can use the definition for the center (ctr=(bb[0]+bb[6])/2) from further up the thread- I just cant seem to incorporate it, on account of not kmowing much about Python yet…

I think that one is in post #3 of this thread above…

Wow, thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:
That one doesn’t care about groups, it seems - all individual objects are moved to the origin.

(sorry if I’m being a nuisance; I’ve been looking for something like this for a while)

You can try this one - if objects are not preselected, there are some command line options. Note if “as group” is selected, all the selected objects are considered one group (the object relationships are preserved) - however it does not look for Rhino groups. (3.0 KB)

I am looking for a script or a method I can make a group object to zero coordinate (0,0,0).
The point in that object needs to be the zero coordinate (0,0,0).
Center point

This may sound snarky, but it is not meant to be:
I don’t know what could possibly be faster than the move command, a click on the point (which you have to select in any case) and typing “0” “Enter”.
No script can be faster, or am I wrong?

When I do that in deferent views it does not give 0 coordinates. It only give zero coordination in that view only. I think script is a way to go if you have a one.