Command for settling an object on the ground

Is there any Rhino command, Macro or script that can settle an object on ground above world origin?

And also, I would like to ask what is the command for placing an object to the world origin, I mean move from bounding box center to the world center.


Honeycam 2023-10-31 08-39-17

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Hi Quan Li- (3.9 KB) (812 Bytes) (3.0 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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@pascal, Thank you very much for your scripts!

I added your Python script to the macro.
1st script works charming.
Is it possible to keep objects’ relative positions when I move several objects at once?

I don’t understand how to use the 2nd and 3rd scripts.
They give errors as shown in the video. gives an error and is unresponsive.

Here is one that can place objects on the World or CPlane 0 plane and has options to either transform objects individually, or as a group. (3.4 KB)


Moving an object from its bounding box center to the world origin can also be done with the gumball.

Select the object and drag the gumball origin, then type 0 and let go LMB.

Have you tried aligning the object on the XY plane with the _Align command? Works well for me in either Front or sideview and the standard CPlane or in Perspective with the CPlane set to World Front…

@Helvetosaur, Thank you very much!
Yes, this script gives an option about moving objects as a group, but it only moves objects above ground, not to the world origin. Is it possible to settle objects on the ground and above world origin?

Honeycam 2023-10-31 19-11-29

The logic I need is like this:
I like to move objects/object from their/it bounding box bottom center to the world origin.


Honeycam 2023-10-31 19-06-00

I hope anyone can help.
I need to do this because if I like to send the geometries to Keyshot via Keyshot-Rhino bridge, it is better to put the objects at the center of the world and above the ground.

I need to make a shortcut which can put selected objects at the world center and also above the ground. When I move many things their relative position should remain the same.
@pascal 's script is good, but the objects will be moved separately, and their relative position will be compromised.

Thank you!

Hi Quan Li - (3.9 KB)
See if that is better.


Thank you very much! @pascal
It gives an error when I try to execute the script.

My macro setting:
I am using Rhino 7 latest Version on Windows 10.

Move to above the the world (6.4 KB)
I solved it using Grasshopper Player.
I made the definition and ran it with macro.
The downside of this solution is you have to load Grasshopper.
I try to compile this definition into a plugin, but that didn’t happen because some kind of bug in the compiler.
Honeycam 2023-11-04 09-10-58