Create keyboard short cut or alias

I would like to create a two different keyboard shorts or alias
One would move a selected object center to world 0 and the other would
move a selected object bottom to 0 cplane (for 3d printing). Do I just type the steps in a macro

from pt ??
to w0,0.0

_boundingbox how to you add options??

Hi Eddy - for that operation you’ll need a script (that is, the macro would run ! _-Runscript command to run the script, not just Rhino commands) , A macro can’t find the BB center and feed it to the Move command.- I’m pretty sure these have been posted here and if not, it’s easy enough to make one.

@Eddyf - I dug up an script that should help - this one will work like a command - save, then drag and drop the rvb file onto a Rhino window - that will add


as an alias to do what I think you want - if you set Project=Yes then the bottom of the BB is what gets centered. It’s old and may have a bug or three but I tihnk it bascially works.
BBToOrigin.rvb (1.5 KB)


ok thanks
I’ll look