Is there a multileader option in Rhino?

I need a leader with two arrows coming off of it. Is there an option for this in Rhino, or do I just need to draw the second arrow manually?

Hi -

There is no option for that in Rhino, no.

Any plans to add this feature? This would be really neat for drafting!

Here’s a workaround I use for this.
Dual leader workaround.3dm (2.5 MB)

Another workaround -

  • Make the first leader with text.
  • Make all the succeeding leaders without text (it is not required, just hit enter when the text box comes up) and snap the last point of each to some point on the first leader. Then Group all the leaders.

To edit the text in the grouped leader, Ctrl+Shift+left click on the text part (within-group selection) then edit the text in the Properties panel. To edit the leader lines, again Ctrl+Shift+left click on the line part, F10 to turn on control points, them move where you want (or delete, etc.).

MultiLeader.3dm (319.8 KB)

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