Is there a move backward or move forward for a layer regards display order?

Hi, V5
I have a grid drawn on a layer and every dimension I create (their lines need to coincide with the grid) is displayed behind it. Both are on Cplane, so I only see the number and bits of the arrow.
I wish to have anything I draw appear over the grid, not hidden by it.
Either tell the dimensions layer to show its contents fwd of the grid so every time I create a dimension for that layer I can see them or tell the grid layer to display its contents behind anything else.

I dont want to be selecting every dimension I create and giving it the command BringForward .

Also there are times when I have set up objects with a display order and I need to move the display of one backwards, what is the move backwards command ?

Has V6 given this situation a makeover and how would it handle this ?



Hi Steve, could you move your grid say.015” in the negative Z direction and save that as your template file?—-Mark

as I am snapping to grid the dims would still be behind the grid. I just wish we had control over such basic annoyances.
is V6 no better at this ?


I am wondering how you would expect it to work, this function?
Could you do all your dimensions to the grid , seldim and bring to front?
I haven’t worked a lot with moving things to front. I will give it a @pascal says , Rhino is stupid. We have to figure out how to out smart it(when possible)—-Mark

You could use SelDim command to select all visible dimensions or Select in the layer panel to select the objects in a layer, and then BringForward or BringToFront

SendBackward or SendToBack

If I draw all the dims I need then select them thats them sorted, but I needed to view them as I placed each one and they were hiding !

I wish to have them appear at front as I do each one.

I think most users would like to have dimensions normally appear in front as they make them.


My limited experience with dimensions is they appear in front of the object which was dimensioned.

@Steve1. Which display mode are you using?

the display order and the commands are very hit and miss. we discussed some of the problems in this thread from awhile back. Pascal had mentioned possibly getting a BringInFrontOf and SendBehind. I think an option for display order by layers would be the best solution if it is possible.

Have you tried temporarily giving the grid a lighter color, like say a medium grey, and a lighter line weight of say default… and the dimension layer a heavier black weight… so you can see the dimensions clearly while snapping to the grid, and then at the end change the colors to what you want?