Is my Rhino file using the template for Large or Small Objects?

Hi Rhino colleagues,

I started a Rhino 6 drawing. I don’t know if I started it using the Large-Objects or the Small-Objects template.

Could someone please tell me if there is a way to tell.

Thank you.


Type in the Units command.
If your Absolute tolerance is set to 0.001, you are using the “Small objects” template. If it is set to 0.01, then "Large objects’

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Hi @djordje,

Thank you for your very helpful reply.

First, I have now learned from your answer that, to get the information I need, I could also go to File > Properties…

Second, I see an absolute tolerance setting for model, which is 0.01. I also see an absolute tolerance setting for layout, which is 0.001. Which one pertains to my question, please?

Thank you.


Hi Stanley -

The one for the model.

Thank you, Wim.