A bug in the template Large Objects - Centimeters

there is a bug in the template Large Objects - Centimeters. If I create objects and put dimensions in command line, it treats them as millimeters. Template Small Objects - Centimeters is OK.
Confirmed in version 7 SR1 and 7 SR2.

We have multilanguage installation (Czech, English), the bug is there in both languages. The installer was Czech.

Stanislav Olivík

Hi, and welcome, Stanislav -

The Large Objects - Centimeters template is meant to be used for scenes that are the size of large buildings. In order to have the grid drawn under the full extent of such objects and not looking like a solid plane, the minor grid line spacing is set to 10 centimeters. A 10 × 10 cm rectangle can therefore look to be a 1 × 1 rectangle, but it isn’t.

If you wish to use the Large Objects - Centimeters template but require grid line spacing to be 1 × 1, you can edit the template and save it under a custom name.

Then it works differently from Rhino 6. And from all other templates Large Objects (except millimeters).

The settings in the templates have been changed. The way things work hasn’t changed.
As always, the factory-default template are merely there to provide a starting point. It is expected that users need to tweak these according to their specific needs.

Thank you for explanation.

Well, OK. It’s “only” grid settings.
We use Rhino in classroom for teaching students geometry in Rhino, so it is not always possible for students to save their custom template and use it in next class. And we need the difference between for example 10 and 10.5 to be decently visible in standard view.
We will start using Small Objects - Centimeters then.