Is it possible to trace an image with polylines/curves automatically?

for example I do have in the reference image some blue lines on a whiteish background

is it possible to aumatically trace/convert those lines in the reference into usable lines?

If you have Adobe Illustrator, one of the Image Trace operations might be able to do this. You can save the AI file and bring the vector lines into Rhino.

More wonky idea: Bring in the image into Grasshopper’s image sampler, lay it out on a dense surface, and extract(?) the background space only, and DUPBORDER the result…? I would imagine this does not get to your desired result.

Probably best: Try to trace it manually?

Check out Rooster plugin (Rooster | Food4Rhino).

Or @dale’s Vectorize
(Edit: Which is excellent and doesn’t requiere any Grasshopper skills at all)

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