Is it possible to keep textures after Quadremesh

When I import my mesh from Lidar scan, I need the features on the texture file to help align the model to X,Y,Z model space. Then I like to quadremesh to get a smooth mesh, but I lose the detail I need later on in my workflow…

Can I have my cake and eat it too and have the Quadremesh re-mapped with the textures?

Does the quadremesh contain the same exact points as in the starting triangular mesh? Or are the points moved or some added/removed?

Hi Chris - not yet - that is on the pile though…


Thanks Pascal- Related Follow-up Question:

When I select my mesh that IS textured, the triangles are so dense that it is just a yellow blob when I select it to rotate/align… when I zoom in close enough to see the texture, I lose perspective of where I am on the mesh… its like a Catch 22. Was hoping the quadremesh would resolve this issue.

Is there a way to select an object but dim the “selected yellow”?

Hi Chris - you can set the display of the selected mesh to use ‘shade highlighting’ in the display mode settings - that is not ideal but the best we’ve got right now.

Quadremesh should eventually be able to reset the textures, eventually, but that is not a solution to your problem - or, it would be a very backwards workaround - the real solution is a non-obscuring hightlight.

RH-31739 Selected object highlighting - more options


Meshmixer is free mesh editor and mesh cleaner. It preserves the textures. You can use it to simplify the mesh.

Thank you Andrew! I will check it out.