Is it possible to import dgn files with tags?

Is it possible to let Rhino read all the tags associated with objects in the Microstation dgn file, maybe turn them into key/values in Rhino? I’ve done some search and nothing comes up.

Thank you!

Hello - not that I know of - @lowell - is that something we can read from the dgn, do you know?


I don’t know.
@tim may know

Please send us a simple file with the tags you’re speaking of and I’ll have a look.


thank you for getting back to me!
this article talks about Microstation tags and has a link for a sample file with tags, hopefully it can shed some light?
another article describing dgn tags:

Can you please send a simple .dgn file that has tags? There is an example on that one page but it must it’s hard to use because there’s 12000+ text objects and they’re arranged in such a way that it’s impossible to select one of them. Just a box with a tag is suffucient.

Thnx again for looking at this, let me get back to you on that shortly!

Hi Tim,
Can you let me know if this is helpful?
Testdgn_20200521.dgn (63 KB)

As soon as I figure out how to get at the stuff I’ll let you know. I was able to see tags using a sample app for the library we use to read dgn on the file from the website. I think your file will be much easier to debug. If I need something different I’ll post here. This is the YouTrack issue for this feature.

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I’ve been studying this stuff some. Apparently there a tag definition set that can contain any number of tag definitions. You can “attach” one of these to an element. There is also a stand alone tag element.

It looks like the model you sent has a number of different text elements in it. Only one reads into Rhino but that’s a different problem for a different day. It also looks like there are 5 tag definitions in a single tag definition set. What I haven’t been able to determine is if any of those tag definitions are attached to any of the text elements. With the tools I have, the SDK we use and the sample apps that come with, I can’t tell what associates the tag with an element.

This would be a helpful model. A single line element that goes from 0,0,0 to 5,5,0. A single tag definition set with a single Char tag definition in it. I’d like the name of it to be “ABC_LINE_TAG_DEFINITION” and the value can be “Have a nice day!”. Attach that tag definition to the line element. I’m hoping this will simplify the file to a point where I can isolate and understand how things need to be hooked up in the code. At this point, it’s still a mystery to me.


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