Is it possible to add new profiles in Karamba?


I wanted to ask, has anyone successfully added new profiles in Karamba, is it possible?

I want to create my own library of HSQ beams, first idea was to just add data to CrossSectionValues.csv, and use one of the existing shapes, e.g. [].

Will it work, or must I add the profiles to all catalogues? (CrossSectionValues_sortedForHeight, CrossSectionValues_sortedForWeight).

Can I somehow create a new shape, so that it would properly show in model?

Thank you for input!

Hi @janis.goldmanis
you can certainly create your own cross section library. You can refer to the CrossSectionValues.csv file to see which values you need to fill out for the new cross sections and then use the Read Cross Sections component to select the new csv file for your cross section library.
Unfortunately you can only use the standard circular, I, rectangular and trapezoidal profiles.


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Thank you for reply Matthew!

I’ll try to do it then - creating only the library with data should be easy enough.

Best regards,