Top hat Q beam cross section

In the Netherlands we use THQ beams more often. is it possible to make these in Karamba and also visualize them in Rhino?


Hell @b.hunen,
yes it is possible to include them in Karamba3D. Is there a table with standard sizes available (preferably in digital form - e.g. csv-format) or do you weld them together from custom sized pieces?
– Clemens

i have a table with standard profiles, i have inserted the file as excel file and csv file. I don’t know which is the easiest to use.
I have zipped the files since I cannot insert excel and / or Csv files. (25.5 KB)

Hi Clemens, or other Karamba3D developers.

I have a similar issue with castellated beams. I can modify existing IPE-beams for their web thickness to model something similar I guess, but if it is possible to just upload a csv file with the standard sizes and properties of the castellated beams, I would really like to know how that works exactly.

Any help is much appreciated!

Kind regards,


Hi Duco,

you can refer to to generate the cross section table as a csv file.

Thank you for your reply and information! Happy with the possibility, Karamba3d is improving fast, good to see!

Kind regards