Is Gumball's drag strength broken?

Hi All, I wonder if gumball’s drag strength is working?
I don’t see any effect in these versions of Rhino:

Version 7 SR36

Version 8 SR7

Well, now I see that the strengh dialog needs to be open for the tool to work, I though that this was just something that could be sticky and enabled or disabled.

Apparently in V5 it works in a different way.

Hi Joaquin - use DragStrength for all dragging - including Gumball - does that work?


Hi @pascal , yes it works, it just doesn’t work the way I expected.
I got the dragStrength dialog box from the white circle from the gumball, the same that appears if you use the DragStrength command you mentioned. But I though that the setting was persistent like in V5.
I would like the option to enable or disable it without having the strength window open.

This is naturay is part of bigger request of a more integrated geometry manipulation tool we really need.

You need this: :smiley:

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