Not seeing how to use drag strength

I have tried to reduce drag strength on the gumball. I don’t see where it has changed. Any help appreciated.—-Mark

The drag strength setting will be apparent when moving objects with the Gumball. For instance a setting of 10% will make your wrist muscles seem 90% weaker when moving control points on a curve.

Hi Brian, does that work also with a trackball mouse? I don’t see the difference. I will keep experimenting. Thanks Mark

I haven’t tried drag strength with a trackball but I would guess it would require the left mouse click to be depressed as well while rolling. Otherwise the roll would just move the cursor position and that speed is not associated with drag strength. Let me know what you find pls.

Hi Brian, I had a little time to get back to drawing . Drag strength works as expected with the trackball mouse. I will use it more for sure. Happy thanksgiving! Mark

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Just a note that in V6/Beta DragStrength is a global command for all dragging, not just Gumby.


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