What method is best to scale larger a box without altering wall thickness?

3mm thick walls on corrugated cardboard box, with overlap on one edge for glue shut the side walls, and flaps for top and bottom.
If I need to make it a different W X D X H how can I do that and keep the thickness of the corrugated cardboard same ?

e.g. make the box 40cm x 60cm x 10cm. see attached file.

cardboard box scale larger.3dm (123.0 KB)



First two things that come to mind are:

Start with your prototype as a single surface, scale each of your three dimensions, then offset or extrude the 3mm.

If your tabs need to maintain a specific width instead of getting bigger/smaller with the box dimension that’s perpendicular to their fold line, I think you’re getting into the kind of parametric design that Grasshopper was invented for. Or old-fashioned Rhinoscripting.

Didn’t we have this discussion at least twice in the recent past?

In any case if you are going to do this often, this is an ideal job for Grasshopper and perhaps an excellent project to start to learning it if you haven’t yet.

we did offset but not about scaling a box as such., it was about creating a cube then offset then establishing volume I recall.

I will go with single surfaces, scale up then offsetSrf 3mm
I have to create boxes for ebay today and no chance to halt the clock and learn scripting, especially as coding and self are on totally different pages.

I have ton of things to get through, need 48 hrs in a day, have the rhino v5 visual tips usb stick beside me, itching to look at that again, zero chance at all at the moment.

Ebaying to try and get money for 3D printer and buy V7 when it comes out, yet as fast as i get anything ££ its gone on other essentials that occur here.