Is anyone having trouble with Walkabout tool in version 6?

The rotate cameras commands work on the pallette, but I get “Unknown command: -_RunScript” whenever I choose walk forward, back, left or right. This has been occurring for several months through all current updates.

Walking with the arrow keys is extremely slow. It would be nice if there was a slider that allows the user to change the speed of walking in a similar way like the slider for the Turntable.

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A couple of days ago I started a discussion about WalkAbout. The problem isn’t new it’s discussed every once in a while in different topics but unfortunately nothing changed yet. Even Bob McNeel described it as a “lame (worthless)” function 5 years ago! We shared some of our ideas about how could it be better.

Please join us and share your thoughts about functionalities of that tool which you would like to see to be changed/repaired/added.

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Hello - can you please open Options > Plug-ins page and see if the RhinoScript plug-in is present and enabled?


Thanks, Pascal - that was the issue…I was just looking at the plugins as you responded. Thanks very much. I do use the plugin to perform minor perspective view tweaks. Usually my zoom function via the mouse wheel is tool much of a change and the Logitech settings don’t seem to fix it.

Hey all - I am having this same problem. All walkabout commands return the error Unknown command: -_RunScript. I followed Pascal’s instructions to check RhinoScript in Options/Plug-Ins, which was unchecked. Restarted and still have the same problem. It now says missing DLL. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks, Allison

Hi Allison - could you please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?