Is AI the future of rendering?

Take a look at this, this has the possibility to be a game changer in the making.
Just imagine what has happened in the last 8 months, now we have the control net, next will be consistency IMO.

Hello Holo,

I think that the idea of using AI and or ML ( the distinction between the two is not particularly clear to me) for rendering seems a good fit. Thank you for bringing this up. Informative.


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Beyond any doubt yes.

In the future, I’d like those deep learning tools to be more assistive and less your competitor. What the model spits out in the video does really only very marginally correspond to the input, which makes the input in these examples basically irrelevant, since you could have done something similar with a less involved text prompt.
I mean this is a good tool for people that are deprived of any creativity and will to manifest their own vision into a project, but for everybody else it should be seen as a threat.
It’s so boring and generic…

Quoting human lyricist Flavor Flav: “Don’t… d-d-d-don’t believe the hype”.


when something seems to become irrelevant or threatened to be it is a good time to abstract and to rethink what really necessary is and questioning life, purpose and joy or ways to enjoy including what competition is and how to use competition to either strengthen and equally ease our society becomes imminent.

i understand all the scarecrowing going on against the ai, i have been participating either… but well as written above maybe its time.

it often reminds me of a very old Rhino Plugin that made designing jewelry pretty simple. it worked fine as long as you didn’t mind it making decisions for you and expressed in very aggressive manner: all jewelry looked about the same in the end.

Now being able to create jewelry that EXACTLY what my clients want, is the reason why I still have a job and clients. It’s also the reason why I still work with Rhino and not more dedicated programs that make half the work for you in no time, but always the same way. Otherwise you could just download some "ready to print :slight_smile: " files from sketchfab,cgtrader or other 5$/design website.

These facts won’t stop me from using AI or those websites in cases it makes economical sens. I’m working for an industry that is still intimidated by 3d printers and SLM technology and still makes circlepacking by hand, putting circle after circle on a surface… I truly believe AI will assist us, not replace us. At least not entirely in conceptual work when the demands are very specific… Repetitive work though…

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I imagine having placeholders in the 3D model that works as inpaint masks, and they are tagged with keywords for the AI to use for content creation. To me that would be a great way to add foliage, trees, people etc.

I have been testing out inpainting in Stable Diffusion but haven’t gotten any good results. Have any of you?