Irregular boundary for space truss

Hi all, I would like to create a space truss for this geometry slab. How can I make a triangulation that respects the contours and vertices of the edge curve?

I tried with some plug-ins but I get results that don’t respect the boundary

Thank you for helping!

please upload file.

sup solaio.3dm (76.3 KB)

this is the file of the slab surface
In the following image I made a last attempt with lunch box, but the structure lines does not respect my geometry :frowning:

sp truss BVR (11.9 KB)

Hey @puccia.993 ,

Just an attempt but not prefect one. Check it out

Best Regards,

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thanks for the help :smiley:, I will try to make the triangulation more regular

thanks a lot, I solved problem with me

shmachine but now my problem is connecting the inferior point of structure :sweat_smile:

Of course this might be not what you want, but I’ve made it purely for fun, so it won’t help you much.
But there will be something you can refer to. If you create a boundary based on the reference grid from the beginning, you’ll get a space frame truss of a very uniform module. (16.2 KB)


thank you very much for the example! at the beginning my grid was regular and I used a similar but
with fewer parameters method, but out of necessity my Prof decided to make cuts to the geometry that became irregular :woman_facepalming: