Space Truss Query

How can I have the truss only in the green marked surface! (11.7 KB)

I think this can help ? (22.5 KB)

Thank you so much! This one works but still, it isn’t perfect! I want the truss to start from the boundary itself and have a defined shape as such in real life!

You’ll need to clarify some of your truss details more clearly.
Do you want your truss boundary being cut within your base surface? If so, your truss boundary will end up having imperfect truss members.
Or if you are okay with jagged boundaries, then you should subdivide your base surface with truss units that are not outside the base surface first and then make your truss with them.

I am okay with the jagged boundaries! But I am confused how it will look! Can you give some reference.

IMO, in this topic, there’s a kind of similar problem you are dealing with.