IronPython Error

I am trying to run an optimization from Grasshopper to an external software called modeFRONTIER, but I am having this error message every time I try to run my optimization.
Does anyone know what it can be related to?

Thank you

Might be a mismatch between data, character sets or codepages. Unfortunately there isn’t enough detail in the image to understand what is happening.

Someone may be able to offer a more helpful response if you can post the gh file (with data internalised).


Hi @s.moumdjian,
Are you exporting an Excel file from ghpython component?
Try adding # coding=utf-8 at the beginning of your file. I am not sure, but maybe utf_16 encoding is not even required.

And another question - is there a reason to use modeFRONTIER?
Rhino has some quite nice (and free) optimization plugins like Galapagos, Octopus, Wallacei