IOR Presets missing Pop Up

i can remember at some point when i clicked on this little icon i had the choice to select from different presets, now it does not do anything anymore.

That icon has never been a dropdown, it means there is no upper limit. Use the dropdown for the IOR input just on the right above the detailed settings dropdown button.

no upper limit what for? IOR value?

this one with the same symbol on it? yields the same shallow indentation…

Meh, I shouldn’t be reading forum when ill and not using glasses XD I was confusing it with the icon on say emission intensity

The dropdown opens on my M2 in Rhino 8.3, so if not yet in 8.1 or 8.2 then looks like fixed in upcoming SRC.

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less screentime then… and get vitamins C, E and D and get better.

and get bored? :open_mouth:

better bored, than ill! ok long story, even if you are flat, staring at your ipad tablett or whatnot, you brain needs a lot of energy diverting it from getting rest, also the forum is a very upsetting place, nothing for the faint of heart :smiley: no seriously, get healthy.

so i think i know where the confusion was, and no its still not working using 8.3.23346.14002, 2023-12-12
when i go to the layer panel and set a layer material then the pop up for the IOR settings does not work. it works when i set the material and change to the material tab.

Thanks, this I was able to reproduce. Logged as: RH-79062 IOR dropdown doesn’t show when material editing via layer panel

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