Invert Cull Pattern

Hi everyone,

I encounter the following issue:
I contour a surface and then i want to remove some curves that are on specific x- coordinates.

While the cull pattern works ok for finding the equality (i.e the lines that i want to remove)

If i take the un-equality it gives me the full set of curves.

Does anyone know why that happens?
I also tried the sift pattern and dispatch but i get the same outcome.


Edit: Attached with the file (11.6 KB)

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files


@Joseph_Oster you are right. I uploaded the grasshopper definition :wink:

Have a look at the attachment. BTW, it seems the geometry that you want to contour is different from your screengrab… (11.0 KB)

Or… (19.8 KB)

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I replaced it with a component of my own that does the same thing.

Your have 41 values on the ‘A’ input and only 12 values on the ‘B’ input which you have grafeted for some reason(?), resulting in 492 output values in 12 branches. That’s nonsense logic, doomed to fail. I see @HS_Kim has posted a solution so I won’t bother.

Thanks @HS_Kim that does the job!!!
Just to have a better understanding do you know why inequality doesnt work?

PS Regarding the difference in geom, i know, i just replace the original geometry with a box just for simplicity.

Luckily enough there is no need to bother @Joseph_Oster.
@HS_Kim has provided a working solution :slight_smile: