Cull pattern invert doesn't work

I’ve got a list of surface segments which are a flat list, highlighted in green here:

I’m trying to remove any surface segments that are inside the smaller curves visible.
There are 417 surfaces in total initially, and 408 should be left after culling the segments.

I’ve culled by a pattern of inclusion and it seems that if the pattern IS NOT inverted, I can get the surfaces inside:

But as soon as I INVERT the pattern, despite having ‘408’ elements, it’s still displaying and acting as if nothing was culled:

Is this a bug?

upload file

Actually while trying to simplify the file in order to upload it, I ran into the solution - the cutting curves came from 2 lists into the first split component in the image, and I corrected it by inputting them into a single crv component and flattening them.

It works.

Thanks :slight_smile: