Invalid mesh output, from surface to mesh

invalid (18.6 KB)
Hi everybody,
I am trying to transform some surfaces into mesh, but I always get an invalid output. I use diamond panel (lunch box), in order to create the surfaces.

Do you have any suggestion?
thanks in advance


Mesh > Utilities > Mesh Brep might be the solution.

Because in Rhino 6 meshes are more strict. Your triangles are quads with a collapsed edge. You can fix it with the small c# script I provided here: Mesh Surface (Mesh UV component) makes Invalid Mesh with Spheres (Rhino 6 + GH 1)

Alternatively in your case, if the goal is single mesh faces you can just use the “Simple Mesh” component.

The “Mesh Brep” component won’t give you single faces always.

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Thank you for your quick answer,
I was playing around with that, and I saw that it works well on planar surface, but if a use a curved surface it still give me invalid output.

Do you have any suggestion?

Did you try the “simple mesh” component?

Thank you! I use the simple mesh component before your script and it works!.