Introduction to Parametric Design for Architects Workshop


This workshop will introduce participants to the ins and outs of parametric design for architectural production.

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About this Workshop:

This workshop will focus on the underlying concepts and mechanisms for creating performance-based parametric systems. The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with both the conceptual and technical framework through which to better understand the relevant application of Parametric Design to the various design problems they will encounter in professional practice.
Digital content will be delivered through the parametric modeling plug-in Grasshopper for Rhino 3D with additional supporting plug-ins and add-ons as required. The tools and technology introduced throughout the workshop will serve as a strong foundation to build on and implement in professional practice.

About the Instructor:

Ronnie Parsons is an architect and expert in the field of generative design. As the co-founder of Mode Lab, a knowledge platform for creative professionals, he combines his expertise in design, technology, and education to help foster innovation across a dynamic, ever-evolving design community.