“Education by Design” Week is Underway!

“Education by Design” week is a series of in-person and online educational experiences exploring new modes of technology-enabled design innovation. Monday marked the launch of this weeklong event which is focusing on new approaches to curriculum development and content delivery for creative professionals in the field of architectural design.

Event highlights this week:

Free Online Course Release Tomorrow!

What’s New in Grasshopper V9

From an updated “look and feel” to recently added functionality, Grasshopper is a rapidly evolving plugin within the Rhino3D ecosystem. In this course we will review the major updates to the Grasshopperinterface, including the connection to the Rhino viewports and user input components. We will also explore Clusters – the most powerful workflow for compiling, sharing, and protecting modules within your definitions!

Join us at the DFM Summit Tomorrow Afternoon!

We hope to see you in Dumbo tomorrow for a lively set of presentations and panel discussions surrounding design and advanced manufacturing.

Mode Lab Newsletter Subscribers receive a 50% discount for the Summit Pass.

Meet Ronnie and Gil in a Google Hangout Friday Afternoon!

“Education by Design” Week continues Friday with a free livestream Q&A.

Ronnie and Gil will share their thoughts on the dynamic nature of today’s creative practice and how tools such as Grasshopper are empowering the next generation of designers. Mark your calendar, be heard, and pose your questions to the community.Sign up via Google Plus to participate.

Parametric Design for Architects this weekend!

Come learn the ins and outs of parametric design for architectural production. “Dive in” to a hands-on workshop and receive a 15% discount on registration.

Parametric Design for Architects will focus on the underlying concepts and mechanisms for creating performance-based parametric systems. The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with both the conceptual and technical framework through which to better understand the relevant application of Parametric Design to the various design problems they will encounter in professional practice.