Introducing CAD and Rhino Training from Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors is excited to announce a new subject of training to the world’s largest CG, VFX and Digital Art training resource: CAD. Members can grow powerful CAD design skills with 14 beginner to advanced-level courses to push their creative limits and maintain the vision of their work, whether it’s in class or in the studio.

This week’s special release features a portfolio of Getting Started courses in Rhino, Revit, Inventor and SolidWorks, in addition to Intermediate and Advanced Courses in Rhino and Revit.

Start with the modeling techniques necessary for Creating a Toy Model for Rapid Prototyping in Rhino. From sketch to 3D model, you will use a background image and work through the process of making a surface CAD and a finished shelled model suitable for rapid prototyping.

Learn with a new in-depth Introduction to Revit 2014 and get familiar with the essential tools and features. Quickly get moving around in the powerful application and build a building from scratch while covering topics such as setting levels, placing elements and understanding the basic techniques in creating a roof system.

Watch a new tutorial on Getting Started in Inventor, where you’ll learn the layout of Inventor, basic sketch tools and how to turn your sketch into a 3D model you can use to prepare and create a basic 3D assembly.

Follow Getting Started in Solidworks and learn how this versatile tool is used in engineering design. You will begin with how to create and work with sketches, the most basic element of any design, and how they are used to create and control features, which lead to parts and later assemblies.

Here’s what else is new this week:

Electronic Product Design in Rhino
Building a Parametric Tree in Revit
Building a Complex Polyhedron in Revit
Working with Sheets in Revit
Creating Title Blocks in Revit
Designing and Documenting a Building in Revit
Work Planes and Reference Planes in Revit
Creating Roofs in Revit
Conceptual Massing in Revit
Site Design and Modeling in Revit

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