Intersection of Curve with Surface

Python for Rhino - Intersection of a Curve with a Surface

Hi all – I am looking for some help on a script that essentially will use ray shoot to calculate the walkable surface in a kitchen and detect areas in the kitchen where if a person were to fall on the edge of a table, it would cause an injury.

What I am getting stuck on is writing a script for the intersection of a curve, in this case a circle (which is identified as the “fall radius” of a 5’5" human) with a plane (a kitchen countertop).

Attached is the script I tried using as well as an image describing what my intention is, but it failed. Any suggestions?

Hi there - found your comment while I was looking to accomplish a similar task. I found this useful, you might too (the command itself is “rs.CurveBrepIntersect”):

looks like you are looking for intersection with a polysurface(brep)
the method you used is probably only for surfaces