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I would like to insert fasteners between the two panels. With a variable distance from the outside and us separately on the inside. To do this, I have created the intersection between the components. Unfortunately, I can’t get any further. The fastener should be inserted from a separate Rhino file. I would be very grateful for help.

Best regards Michael (22.9 KB)

Mesh intersection creates invalid mesh so nothing works further
i tried another way round may be it suits your requirments (20.6 KB)

Thank you Rajeev, it works perfect but now i want insert some Rhino files with different fasteners. How can i bring them on the right position?
Thank you so much

Try using the Orient component.


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it works thank you

I guess you figured it out, but I just finished this:

One solution, I’m sure there are many others.


The problem with this solution is, that my fasteners are not in the same deep in each object. Do you have a solution that the created z-plane direction goes into the horizontal objects?
In the picture, the left one has the wrong way of z, in the right one its correct…
grafik (22.9 KB)

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@Rajeev2 if I understand correctly, this is what @michael.haertlein is asking for:

I’ve edited the file that @Rajeev2 uploaded.

This is the result (31.3 KB)


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Thank you its a perfect solution :slight_smile:

@kev.r Thanks i do miss that its awesome