Intersecting Pattern Curves in Grasshopper and how to get rid of them


I have just started to explore the Parakeet Pluggin. While I find it easy to make nice pattern, I need to offset these pattern curves to get something with a little bit of thickness because I want to print them.

When I offset my pattern curves I get a lot of curve-intersections. When I bake the whole thing to Rhino these intersections are a problem, because with them I cannot make a planar surface and then extrude the surface to the desired thickness.
I know how to manually get rid of these intersections in Rhino by using the trim tool, but it takes forever becasue there are so many intersections. Is there a good way to get rid of them in Grasshopper before baking maybe?

2022_01_06_Intersecting Curves in Grasshopper and how to get rid of (8.0 KB)

Have you looked at Clipper?

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This is great thank you. I didn’t know about this pluggin but it helped me and solved my problem perfectly. thank you