Interpolate curve connecting with points from other shapes

Hi, I hope everyone is having an great day!
I´m sorry for any weird sentence, English is not my first language.

I´m having a problem with the interpolate.

I divided the lines that forms the oval shapes in three parts, i added a list item and i wanted to create a line with those set of points.

However, when i connect the list item to the interpolate it shows an error and when i flatten the list item points it connects with the other set of points from the other shapes.

How can i create a line with only the points shown in the list item?

Here is the Grasshopper document: (14.1 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Is this what you are after? (24.3 KB)

Thank you for the response!
Yes, is like that, but just for one of those lines (21.1 KB)

Yes, it works!!!
Thank you so much!