Internship, bachelor or master thesis position available at BMW Group in Munich, Germany

BMW Group design studio in Munich, Germany, has an open internship available.

more information (german):

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When do the big oems finally get that internships candidates are totally unsuited for this job and level of complexity. Just when looking on the requirements: C/C++ .Net / Python -> anyone doing programming knows that mastering these languages takes years, but then you also want people to know about design and High-End Surface modelling. Took me years to learn all this after finishing university.
Currently the market for anyone knowing about programming is so good, that working as intern is a joke, even for bmw.


Hallo Tom,

I understand your point, but I want to try to clarify the reason of so many requirements. As info, I work at BMW, but what I write is just my opinion, I am not “officially” speaking for BMW.

It is sometime very intimidating also for us employees to apply for other internal positions, because the list of requirements is usually very long and also after many years in the company is almost impossible to have the knowledge and experience they ask for.

The real reason of such a list, is that they are not looking for someone who knows everything, but they want to offer the opportunity also to someone with a different background but who is interested in the topic. In this case, an engineer who has interest in design, or a designer who has interest in algorithmic modelling and programming.

A message for the students coming through this post: do not feel intimidated, if you’re interest in generative design just go for it, you’ll bring your experience and the rest you’ll learn it on the field, there are many experts who’ll show you the rest.

I wish you all the best!



I’ve just seen this discussion - the attached article gives an interesting personal perspective and some background research into the question of listing ambitious sets of objectives when hiring and some advice for people reading job adverts :slight_smile:


hey Ghegiuli,

I am currently working my thesis with BMW group on lean Architecture but interested in generative design.
when i logged in the BMW portal to sign in, there are so many and nothing specific to this topic. Could you help with right link.

ok i found, i think the reference code is important right?