PhD Position at BMW Group: Generative Design for Faceted Geometries art.html

The BMW Group, in collaboration with the TU Wien, is offering an interesting, multidisciplinary PhD position in the field of generative design in form-finding with a focus on facetted geometries and the mathematics enabling them.

The research of the parametric dependencies across the geometry elements is the key to successfully create a complex surface 3D structure including all the industrialization requirements. With a new understanding of these mathematical relations, we will expand our access to 3D geometries and transform the designer‘s vision into technically valuable and aesthetically inspiring surface language.

Read more about this new PhD position at the BMW Job Portal and at the TU Wien - GCD handout

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Posted Sep 07, 2021 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

Please don’t support this. If you want to go to BMW, apply as a Software Developer instead. They only give you 2700€ in one of the most expensive cities in Europe. You are doing design work for them, they earn billions with it. In the end you receive a ‘PhD’ but in a discipline nobody needs. It’s not a guarantee they take you over and on top of that they expect you’re expert in multiple disciplines normal people would need years to learn or never have a touchpoint. Strak as skill? Seriously, which student has ever done class A modelling? They use this PhD program to get cheap labor. Cheaper than from their service contractors. Even if you make it to get a real job offer afterwards, your career possibilities in automotive design are super limited, unless you are a car designer. You end up doing cheese grater all day. Really, it is not as fancy as they tell you!