Internationalize a RhinoPlugin with WPF


I want translate my rhino plugin to other languages.

I’m working with c#  in Visual Studio 2010 and RhinoCommon.

All windows in the Plugin are made in WPF.

To internationalize a WPF application I’ve followed this steps:

My problem is that in design XALM windows, I get an exception:

No adequate resources for the specified culture or the neutral culture found…

The window’s design is crashed, but if I run the Rhino Plugin, it works fine.

I’d like resolve this problem.

Has anyone had this problem internationalizing a RhinoPlugin with WPF?


I have given up on the Designer window a long time ago. It just is not up to the task for more complex stuff, like internationalisation or complex styles. Stuff that looks horrible, or even gives errors in the Designer window is perfectly fine at runtime. Blame M$ for a crappy product I guess…

So… I’m fucked XD

This may help