Intel Iris graphics on Mac Book Pro


I’ve googled this a bunch and can’t seem to find actual reviews of the intel IRIS (not Intel HD Graphics) integrated cards. The specs on the card seems to suggest it’ll work as its got sufficient OpenGL compatibility. When I search I also pull up some rhino bug fix newsletters that mention fixing certain display modes for Iris.

Can anyone tell me if they’ve used IRIS specifically or IRIS PRO with windows R5?


For the record, here are the stats on Iris graphics:

The laptop I’m considering uses Intel Iris, Open GL 4.1 / Open CL 1.2

I’m also interested in this question - specifically the IRIS Pro 5200 chip in the new Gigabyte Brix i7

The test results I read seem OK but all the commentary on other threads (and McNeel’s system requirement wiki) make me nervous

Is this a dumb idea? Any practical experience out there?

Hi Rusty, Thanks for your post on the stats. The Macbook Pro I am considering using also uses Intel Iris, Open GL 4.1 / Open CL 1.2, did you have any luck with Rhino 5?