Instancing grasshopper clusters

copying a grasshopper cluster by keyboard (ctrl+c / ctrl+v) produces an instance of the cluster. this means that by changing any of the instanced clusters, all the other clusters will be changed in the same way.
copying a cluster by alt+drag produces the same result.
in my definition i also have copied clusters the are independent from the original one, but i cannot remember how i produced them.
both cases have pros and cons. i just want to know how to produce the different cases. can someone please explain, how to produce an independent copy of a cluster? thanks in advance!

My guess is: explode one of the instances, change it and re-create the cluster.

i guess this would work. but i am sure, i did not do it like this. so there must be an easier way.


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still wondering how i managed to create my independent copy without knowing …

:slight_smile: it happens