Instance Manager: PlaceInstance component bugs

Hoping to reach Amin, the plugin dev of the excellent Instance Manager plugin.

I recently installed the latest update (V1.6.2.1) and one thing I noticed is about the PlaceInstance component (ie. the most important component of the plugin):

  1. I think you mixed up the PL and A input, as I have to plug the attributes into PL and the Planes into A.

  2. More importantly it seems like I can now only place instances using the button above the component. Before I could trigger the placement. Using the button is simply not viable, as I have multiple place components and they are buried deep in the definition. Before I could use one button to trigger it. I never understood why plugin devs use the buttons next to components. The idea is nice, but in practice if you have large definitions I want to be able to trigger things from my own buttons/events or even the RCP. Using the custom coded buttons makes all that impossible. So please add back a trigger input, otherwise I will have to go back to the old version, which would be a real shame!

Anybody else noticed this or has a workaround?

Same here. This is just anti-Grasshopper-ish.
At first I thought that the Instance manager components would solve my blocks ordeal at last, but in fact no.

I don’t find this plugin excellent at all.
For example, the “File Block statistics” component gives false results for “N” output (usage number of each block) for nested blocks.

Also, the “Blocks list” component will only list visible blocks. This would be only silly if it was at least mentionned, but as it is, it’s plain dangerous and misleading.

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