Bug - Block instance component vanished in GH

Hi, I’ve somehow managed to make the block instance component disappear from grasshopper?
I noticed the preview wasn’t working when I referenced it, so I restarted rhino and now its completely gone.

I’ve tried downloading the link grasshopper suggests and “Repair” with the rhino installer but neither have seemed to do the trick.

Any Help would be appreciated,

Hi - I don’t think that is a standard component in Grasshopper so you would have to reinstall the plug-in that provides that component.

If you cannot find the original plugin you could look at Human - from memory (not at my computer now) that has a block instance component.

Hi @wim,

I think it is a default component, as @jeremy5 said there’s human plugin which has more diverse range of block components but there should still be these 2 in the geometry rollout shouldn’t there?

I think it is a default component,

That is a plugin, plugins don’t have to be in their own tabs. The plugin name says TbGh18. Unless it is a plugin from McNeel on the newest GH update?

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Thanks @Michael_Pryor, that makes a bit more sense now wasn’t aware they could do that. Pity i’ve got no idea what the plugin was i’ll have to try and hunt it down

If it has only recently gone, you could try looking in your Recycle Bin and Downloads folder. Failing that, do you know any programmers with the initials TB?

This looks like exactly what I want.

I’ve seen two suggestions for importing block instances into Rhino, and those are Human and Elefront, but neither adds their functionality as nicely as in that screenshot.

It’s been a while, so I wonder if anyone who happens to see this today by any chance knows what plugin this was? :slight_smile:

(Also, why doesn’t Grasshopper natively provide this?)

I must not have taken a good look at the picture that was posted at the time…
When you read Tb somewhere Rhino related, think Tibidabo. From there, it’s a short walk to Barcelona and thus VisualARQ…

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Ah… €795… that’s basically the price of Rhino, and I’d be paying that for one feature…

Thanks, but I guess I’ll find a workaround. :slight_smile: