Installing Rhino 5 on my new Micorsoft Surface 2.0 Tablet

Hey guys,

I need to install Rhino 5 on my new Surface 2.0 tablet for a business trip on Saturday. I am wondering if anyone can give me a little guidance as to the process? It’s been so long since I installed Rhino I can’t remember if I need to install 4.0 first or not or maybe it’s 3.0? And what I do if it asks for a disc during the upgrade, as I have no optical drive internal or external. I have been using Rhino since the first beta and so everything I have might be an upgrade - I don’t know. It’s tough getting old!

I downloaded and installed the full version of 5.0 last night, and I’m currently stuck at the license key step. It does not take my version 5 key, but doesn’t tell me why.

TIA for any advice or help!

Jeff Claunch

Hi Jeff- you do not need a previous disc for V5 upgrade, only a previous version CD key. Is the key being asked for the previous version one, possibly, used to validate the upgrade?


Hey Pascal,

I am not doing an upgrade though. This is a new system and it has no Rhino yet, well except for the Full V5 I installed on it last night.

Do I need to start by installing 4.0?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Jeff- but, is your V5 license an upgrade? My guess is yes - you had V3 and then V4 and then V5 say, with V4 and V5 being upgrades (i.e. cheaper than the full product price). So the upgrade refers to how the thing was bought, so to speak, and not what is currently on the machine - which can be nothing as far as Rhino goes. Does that make sense?



I found my original 5.0 disk set and it appears the serial I had saved in a text file and was trying was a BETA serial - duh!

All is well now, installed and authorized! Yipee!

Thanks again for the help!!


PS - I really miss the old newsgroup!!!

Hi Jeff,
Would you care to elaborate?


I would he happy too if I had time. I have way more work to finish than is even possible before I leave for vacation in a couple days.

I am sure others feel the same way and might have time to jump in here and explain.