Insert as Block -> Re-opening File -> Layer always on

Hi All,

is there a way to avoid that the parent layers of linked blocks always switch back on after re-opening the file.

We have a quite large project structure with many linked blocks and it is time consuming to correct the layer display configuration each time after re-opening.

Thanks - S


Hello - LayerStateManager may be able to help here.

Thanks Pascal,
That helps a bit. Is there a way to overwrite a stored state? Like when selecting a view and pressing the save button it allows you to overwrite it. Otherwise it is a tedious process.

Hello - Rhino cannot modify the linked file from the parent file… there are a couple of related items about remembering the states however.

RH-42242 Remember linked top level layer state

RH-12130 More Layer Control


Hello Pascal,
thanks, exactly what is described in RH-42242. :slight_smile: