Input Panel & connect point

Hello, Plz help on this.

  1. I need to provide distance between vertical line individually in panel. But it takes value from zero. I dont want to put 1000,1500,2500, 3000 etc… Instead 1000, 500, 1000, 1000 like this.
  2. All the mid point need to connect automatically, but as individual line. image as below. file attached.



Panel input & point auto (10.9 KB)

You could use Mass Addition like this…

Panel input & point auto (11.8 KB)


Perfect. Appreciated for the help.

Hello kim,
Like the same way im trying to connect top or bottom point using polyline command but it is not working (instead of mid point)
But this top point in want as single line (not individual line)


It seems you didn’t enable the preview of Polyline

Thanks kim.